About LED's

A light emitting diode (LED) is a solid-state semiconductor that emits light. Currently, LED bulbs fulfill general lighting purposes in both commercial and residential markets.

About Broit Light's™ LED Bulbs

Eco-Friendly, Energy Efficient, Cost Effective

Broit Light's™ LED bulbs are all solid-state devices for direct form, fit and function replacement of existing incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs. The features and characteristics of Broit Light's™ bulbs are leading the lighting revolution and LED technology.
  • Eco-friendly (no mercury, no lead, no hazardous materials)
  • 30,000 + hour life
  • 55 - 88% more energy efficient than existing incandescent and fluorescent bulbs
  • Made in the USA
  • Built with low cost, recyclable plastic and aluminum housing
  • Simplified electronics using Alternating Current (AC) native circuitry eliminating Direct Current (AC to DC) electronics used by many other LED bulbs
  • Priced significantly lower than other LED lighting devices
  • Yield a fast return on investment (ROI) to the consumer
Consumers appreciate products that look familiar to what they know and trust. Broit Light's™ brilliant approach to patent protection has been to file patents for the end product: the bulb's form (shape), fit (fits in existing receptacles and fittings) and function (direct lumen for lumen and color temperature equivalent) to match existing incandescent and fluorescent bulbs specifications.
About Broit Light LED Bulbs

Broit Light Bulbs

Identify Your Current LED Bulbs
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