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Meet the Broit Light "Dream Team" a collection of motivated, inspired individuals with a passion to inguenity and sound environmental solutions. Find out more about each of our executive team members by selecting from the bio links below.
Careers at Broit Light LLC
Troy Broitzman
Troy R. Broitzman

Troy Broitzman, Inventor

Troy Broitzman is the founder and CEO of Efficient Creation Innovations, Inc. based in Long Lake, Minnesota.

He is the inventor of record of the Broit Light™ family of LED lighting devices as disclosed in the United States Patent Application titled "LED Lighting System for Direct, Form, Fit, and Function Replacement of Existing Incandescent and Compact Fluorescent Systems".

A builder for 16 years and the founder and CEO of Efficient Creations, LLC, Troy spent the past 5 years designing and building custom energy efficient homes integrating his inventions into his building projects. Currently he has additional patent applications focused on eco-centric devices for the energy efficient homes and commercial buildings of the near future.

Growing up in southern Minnesota, Troy's ingenuity and inventiveness were evident at an early age. At just four years old, he tore apart and reassembled the family toaster to see how it worked. This keen awareness and desire to know how things work sparked the beginning of his quest for understanding and knowledge. Troy's defining moment in life came when he discovered that his ingenuity and creativity was coupled with his sense of responsibility to be a good steward of our planet.

Troy shares his passion for learning and commitment to create eco-friendly technology with the love of his life, Christine Wytaske. Together they are committed to doing their part to make a difference in the environment and the global economy by staying at the forefront of technology.

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